Our quality of life depends on having a well-informed population that can confidently participate in our democracy and possesses the skills, support, and opportunity to provide for themselves, as well as access to healthcare, housing and transportation that enables people to live comfortably near work.  Additionally, it is critical that we develop a criminal justice system that works toward restorative justice, and establish the environmental protections necessary to support our future.

Key Issues


Supporting Students, Teachers, and Schools

Evan Branning has served as a teacher in the Bay Area for almost a decade. Lack of adequate state funding has left our schools overcrowded, lacking critical resources and failing the most vulnerable of our students. Through working in public, Evan has learned the strengths and weaknesses of the school system and has practical, attainable ideals for how we can improve the system.


K-12 reforms:

  • Reduce class sizes so that no child gets lost in the crowd.

  • Full and fair funding for schools.

  • Incentivize schools to find creative ways to meet the needs of students during breaks and summer.


First 5 years:

  • Universal pre-K programs, including nutrition services for low income families.


Post Secondary:​

  • Tuition free community college, including books and fees.

  • Expanded apprenticeship programs and career technical education to help students get high paying skilled jobs.

  • Increase grant programs to expand access to four year universities to anyone who works hard regardless of income. ​​




Addressing the Housing and Transit Crisis

Californians are being forced to live further and further from where they work. This causes congestion on our roads and crowding on public transit, while housing prices in major job centers continues to rise uncontrollably. Too many hard working families are slipping into poverty and homelessness due to no fault of their own. The time has come for us to realign California's priorities to help working families stay in their communities and grow with them.


  • Cities, counties, and the state need to work together to solve regional issues.

  • Minimum wage should be tied to the cost of living so that everyone can afford to live where they work.

  • Housing should be built where there are jobs and jobs should be built where there is housing.

  • Support policies that help people stay in their homes and keep their jobs.

  • Can create programs to encourage cities to experiment with the walkable “super block” concept. Check out this video for more information.



Enacting Health Justice for All

Evan Branning serves on the Alameda Public Health Commission and the Livermore Human Services Commission. He is passionate about helping to address issues of health equity. Issues of health and economics go hand-in-hand and we need to work to make sure that everyone has access to clean air, water, food and shelter.


  • When you get sick, you shouldn’t have to worry about how you will pay for it.

  • Food and nutrition programs need to be expanded and made easier to access.  

  • The California Building Code needs to be updated to encourage cities to build more tiny homes, accessory units, and temporary shelters.

  • We need to invest in women’s health initiatives, ending the tampon tax, provide women in need with sanitary products and effective birth control, fully fund Planned Parenthood and other public health clinics.



Reforming the Criminal Justice System

Public safety is a top priority, we need to be better at keeping nonviolent offenders out of prison and making sure they are able to productively re-enter society. We can reduce crime in the state and save money by ensuring that people have the tools to succeed without turning to illegal activities.


Increased investment in diversion programs will help keep people out of jail while reducing crime rates.

  • If someone needs to go to prison, we should invest in re-entry and education programs for them to reduce recidivism rates. People who have served their time deserve a fair shot.

  • We should work to keep families together when it is safe for the children.

  • We need to increase drug prevention investments in programs that are proven effective.

  • The first point of contact for unsheltered people with the government should be with a case worker or social worker, not with the police.



Environmental Protections Now

California leads the country on environmental reforms and we can continue to build on that success. We will build a stronger, greener economy while creating high paying jobs in our state.

  • We need to improve access to public transit, work to reduce fares, increase frequency, and improve coverage in every part of the state.

  • Building codes should be updated to encourage transit oriented development while reducing the cost to build new housing near train and bus lines.

  • We can improve building codes and infrastructure to ensure everyone has access to clean water and air.


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