Meet Evan


Meet Evan 

Evan Branning is an educator, community organizer, and public health advocate. He is devoted to empowering those around him and to helping build a healthier, happier, and more just community.


As a public school teacher, Evan Branning has worked with young people from various backgrounds to help provide necessary personal and professional skills. Evan’s career in education stems from his passion for helping students who have been failed by the current education system. He is dedicated to empowering students to find their strengths and purpose regardless of their chosen field by helping them find success in a non-traditional classroom setting.


Evan Branning is a founding member of several local community-based organizations, including the Tri-Valley Swing Left, Build Downtown Now, Unify Livermore, and the Bart2Livermore Coalition. Through this work, Evan advocates to improve the quality of life for all those in our community by reducing commute times, increasing access to affordable housing, and building a stronger community by bringing attention to the very real problems facing our district today.


As a member of both the Alameda County Public Health Commision and the Livermore Human Services Commission, Evan Branning has championed issues of environmental justice, strengthening the social safety net, and improving community health. He is particularly passionate about issues affecting people who are unsheltered, the previously incarcerated, and those who are economically disadvantaged by our current system.

Dear Friends and Neighbors,


Now is the time for California to work for all of us: families, communities, small businesses, and all who want to make a better life for themselves, their families, their communities, and the world.


I believe that progress begins when we listen respectfully, empower each other, and create a more open and inclusive society so all can thrive. I will work with my constituents and their cities, counties, and the state to build bridges so that we can address the challenges we face. I will work to lift up those in need and create an equitable environment where everyone can succeed.


To do so, we must:


  • Support students, teachers, and schools


  • Address our housing and transportation crisis


  • Reform our criminal justice system


  • Ensure equitable healthcare for all


  • Protect and preserve our environment for the future


​We can no longer afford to wait for future generations to manage these crises. We must take on these challenges together so that we can build a stronger, safer society. Together we can improve the lives of our children, our neighbors and our communities. 

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