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Livermore is a truly exceptional  community. 

We have a long history of compassion, ingenuity, hard work, beauty, and passion.

As your next City Council member I want to build on that legacy. 

We face many challenges and working collaboratively all of us can thrive.

I will always use my experience to make decisions that will help you.



  • My #1 priority is to help others thrive. 

  • I will listen to and advocate for you.  

  • Livermore has an amazing community and culture. I will work to honor and improve upon it. 

  • Continue public outreach and bring people together. 

  • Improve multilingual services from the city. 

  • Build housing and amenities to keep our families, friends, and coworkers in Livermore.



  • Partner with Police, Fire, and local service providers to find community based solutions that serve all residents to keep Livermore safe.

  • Work with state and county organizations for sustainable solutions to end homelessness in Livermore. 

  • Build on my experiences and outreach to improve our short, medium and long term housing opportunities. 

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  • Invest in quality commercial expansion in North Livermore and bring quality jobs to Livermore.

  • Expand small business grants and support to help entrepreneurs thrive. 

  • Work with city partners to expand locally owned and operated businesses.

  • Support Livermore's downtown and small businesses. 

  • Streamline city processes to ease access and reduce costs for permits and expand Spanish language services. 

Open Space

Open Space

  • Maintain and improve Livermore's beauty, parks, and open spaces. 

  • Work closely with LARPD on expanding program access to everyone. 

  • Promote our agricultural and viticultural heritage. 

  • Ensure access to local green space in D1 as it grows. 

  • Build sustainable policies to protect future generations and the environment.

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SafeR Streets

  • Improve streetscapes to make them safer and more beautiful. 

  • Having worked on ValleyLink from its inception I will do all I can to see it finished quickly. 

  • Build connected bike and walking trails throughout the city. 

  • Maintain roads, trails, and appropriate parking. 

We Need Your Support Today!

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