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Meet Evan

When I moved to Livermore I found my forever home. My career brought me to the area when I began teaching culinary at a local continuation high school. I was embraced and welcomed here, so much so that the former Mayor presided over my wedding. I feel blessed for my neighbors, friends, and family in Livermore. Having the opportunity to help my students develop life and work skills while getting to live in such an awesome community has been a dream come true. I have been doing what I can to give back and running for City Council is an opportunity for me to step up and give back to all of you for your kindness to me. 

My life has had its shares of ups and downs, I was born on MediCal in a small town connected to a big city. I really struggled through school but my parents were supportive and helped me get through. After graduating I held a variety of jobs before I returned to school, got a culinary degree, ran a catering kitchen, and later became a teacher. 


My first teaching job was at the San Jose Job Corps. It was a very challenging and rewarding job. The Job Corps students have their whole lives in front of them, but every other option has failed them. The Job Corps students want one last chance before ending up on the streets or worse. The turmoil my students faced outside of class is hard for most people to imagine. My goal each day was to create a safe space for them to work and thrive in my class and the reward of seeing my students find jobs, housing, and a future was humbling. I was inspired by the Job Corps students, and it was an emotional decision to leave but finding a spot at Village High School I was again able to work with students where I have the privilege of supporting our youth who have lost their way, to find a better path forward. 


I have worked diligently to learn more about Livermore and that learning quickly turned to service. I participated in "Key to the City" and the "Livermore Citizens Police Academy" (I strongly recommend both to everyone) and learned so much about how the city functions. Soon after I joined the Livermore Human Services Commission and the Alameda Public Health Commission. One of my key focuses there was to highlight the needs of Livermore and help improve services for our most needy populations. While serving I was connected with the LARPD Foundation and have worked with those amazing commissioners to help revitalize the foundation and help it expand its ability to enhance access to and quality of our parks. I took those experiences and used them to advocate for a more connected Livermore locally and regionally, co-founding Unify Livermore and the Tri-Valley Transit Coalition. Ultimately these experiences landed me on the Livermore Planning Commission where I now work to make sure Livermore can grow while maintaining its community character. 

As a Planning Commissioner, I have listened carefully to the concerns of the citizens of Livermore, during our commission meetings. I also play a key role in the unity of the Planning Commission, and I have proven leadership in gaining consensus among the commissioners during deliberations. While working closely with City Staff and my fellow commissioners, we have supported and approved affordable housing, asset management, jobs initiatives, outdoor dining, scenic corridors, and environmental policies. 

All of my life, service has been my driving goal. I will take all of my experiences, knowledge, and commitment to work for you. As your next City Council member I will do all I can to make your life better. I hope you will give me this opportunity to serve you.


We Need Your Support Today!


  • Livermore Planning Commissioner

  • LARPD Foundation Board Member

  • Former Livermore Human Services Commissioner

  • Former Alameda County Human Services Commissioner

  • Treasurer for Association of Pleasanton Teachers

  • Co-Founder Unify Livermore

  • Co-Founder Tri-Valley Transit Coalition

  • Livermore Key to the City Graduate

  • Livermore Citizens Police Academy Graduate

  • Former Small Business Owner

  • Public School Culinary Teacher

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