Livermore is a truly exceptional  community. 

We have a long history of compassion, ingenuity, hard work, beauty, and passion.

As your next City Council member I want to build on that legacy. 

We face many challenges and working collaboratively all of us can thrive.

I will always use my experience to make decisions that will help you.



  • My #1 priority is to help others thrive. 

  • I will listen to and advocate for you.  

  • Livermore has an amazing community and culture. I will work to build on honoring and improving on it. 

  • Continue public outreach and bring people together. 

  • Improve multilingual services from the city. 

  • Build housing and amenities to keep our families, friends and coworkers in Livermore.



  • Partner with Police, Fire, and local service provides to find community based solutions that serve all residents to keep Livermore safe.

  • We can work together to end homelessness in Livermore. Building on relationships in the community and my experience on the Livermore Human Services Commission we can help displaced people find permanent housing. 

  • Work with regional and state partners to find sustainable solutions.

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  • Invest in quality commercial expansion in North Livermore and bring quality jobs to Livermore.

  • Expand small business grants and support to help entrepreneurs thrive. 

  • Work with city partners to expand locally owned and operated businesses.

  • Support Livermore's downtown and small businesses. 

  • Streamline city processes to ease access and reduce costs for permits and expand Spanish language services. 


Open Space

  • Maintain and improve Livermore's beauty, parks, and open spaces. 

  • Work closely with LARPD on expanding program access to everyone. 

  • Promote our agricultural and viticultural heritage. 

  • Ensure access to local green space in D1 as it grows. 

  • Build sustainable policies to protect future generations and the environment.

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  • I will do all I can to make it safer and easier to walk, bike, and get around Livermore. 

  • Having worked on ValleyLink from its inception I will do all I can to see it finished quickly. 

  • Build connected bike and walking trails throughout the city. 

  • Maintain roads, trails, and appropriate parking. 

  • Connect the areas north of the freeway for easier access to the rest of the city and its amenities. 

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