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As a neighbor and friend, I fully endorse Evan Branning for Livermore City Council. His service on the Human Services and Planning Commissions shows he is ready for both the major policy decisions and the quieter budget tradeoffs that are required. Evan comes to meetings prepared, listens carefully, and speaks with enthusiasm about improving Livermore for everyone.  Once on council, he will use this experience to set budget and staff priorities effectively. His positive approach will also make him a powerful advocate for Livermore on the regional boards that councilmembers serve on. For these reasons and many others, vote Evan Branning for Livermore City Council.

Thank you to everyone who supports
me and my campaign

Elected Officials Endorsing Evan Branning

Eric Swalwell - US Congressman  

Steve Glazer State Senator

Rebecca Bauer-Kahan - State Assembly Member

David Haubert - County Supervisor

Phong La - County Assessor
Bob Woerner - Livermore Mayor
Gina Bonanno - Livermore Vice Mayor
Bob Carling - Livermore City Council
Brittni Kiick - Livermore City Council
Trish Munro - Livermore City Council

Craig Bueno - School Board President

Kristie WangSchool Board

Jan Palajac  - LARPD Board Member
Olivia Sanwong - Zone 7 Director

Melissa Hernandez - Mayor of Dublin

Tim Sbranti - Chabot Las Positas Community College District Board President
Aisha Wahab - Hayward City Council Member


Community Partners

Steven Dunbar - Livermore Planning Commission Chair 
Daniel Leary - Livermore Planning Commission Vice Chair

John Stein - Livermore Planning Commissioner 
Jacob Anderson -
Livermore Planning Commissioner 
John Marchand
- Former Mayor

Bob Coomber - Former Council Member
Scott Haggerty - Former County Supervisor
Beth Wilson - Former LARPD Board Member
Erik Bjorkland -  Former Planning Commissioner

Neal Pann - Former Planning Commissioner
Connie Campbell - LARPD Foundation Member

Stacey Kenison - LARPD Foundation Member
Bill Whalen - LARPD Foundation Member


Nancy Bankhead

Ann Brown    
Alan Burnham

Bruce Campbell
Dori Campbell

Erwin Chiong

Mel Chiong

Mini Chopra    
Larry Dino    
Jacob Farmos    
Judy Ferrari    
David Finster    
Matt Ford    
Terry Givens    
Sue Hamill    
Helene Hoenig    
Julie Howard    
John Howard    
Jim Johnson    
Steve Ketzler    
Michelle Kopacz  

Kevin and Maria Lalor 
Katherine Lewis    
Helen Machuga    
Robert Panas    
Manav Patel    
Mary Perner    
Van Rainey    
Philomena Rambo    
Marc Ross    
Matt Rusca     
Niki Santisteven    
Cate Sarraille    
Elizabeth Sblendorio    
Sblend Sblendorio    
Jeffry Schneider  

Purnell Sells  
Hayden Sidun    
Lori Souza    
Martha Sutton    
Stacey Swanson    
Mark Sweeney    
Jackie Tarin-Rankl    
Mark and Maria Triska    
Lisa A Tromovitch    
Jeremy Troupe-Masi    
Beth Trutner

Ricky Walters

Emily Wilson

Karl Wente

The Wente Family   

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