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Evan Branning
For Livermore City Council District 1

Livermore is an amazing city with a unique history, character, and community. I have dedicated my career to improving the lives of my students and our community. I teach cooking at a local alt-ed high school giving students a chance to learn real world job skills. Outside of work I am active in helping to build upon what already makes Livermore so great by serving on our Planning Commissions and volunteering to support our community. I hope to take the next step to serve Livermore as your City Council representative. 

We have faced many hardships and there are challenges ahead. I have been fortunate to have this opportunity to serve you. I will work every day to see that our city government does all it can to help enhance your quality of life. I offer my experience and compassion to give every resident of Livermore the chance to thrive and enjoy all that the city has to offer. 

Together we need to continue to enhance the many great amenities of Livermore and make them accessible to all. As your next City Council member I will strive to improve transit, spur business development, build safe communities, protect open space, and support our beautiful community. 

Join our team and together we can build a stronger, healthier community for us all. 

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